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Check out our gear!

Our trusty steed:

     We tow with a 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost. With it's built-in 7.2 KW generator, it gives us a bit of peace of mind that if it's been raining for a week and our solar isn't providing enough power while off-grid, we can just plug in to the truck and provide a bit of power.

And the carriage it pulls:

     Our trailer is a 2004 Thor Wanderer MS-240 Lite. With a lightweight curb weight, it's easy to tow while being sturdy enough to take on back roads and, somehow worse, I-5 in Southern CA (easily the worst road we've driven on so far). Features include a 30 gallon fresh water tank, giving us that off-grid capability we wanted, a bathroom with a toilet and a shower, and a dedicated bedroom with a queen size bed. We have an aftermarket solar system, currently with 300 watts of solar panels and 200 AH 12V batteries. Being an electrical engineer, I'll be updating it as we go, so follow along for a blog post about that.


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